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Hey Everyone,

middle ageOur blog, Women’s Health Today has a couple of brand new posts. First up is Let’s Talk Menopausean article intended to help start a conversation about an issue that often goes undiscussed. We hope people will share it with those who need it. Next up is Unnested Humans, Unhuman Nature?an article by Darcia Narvaez that she has graciously allowed us to publish. It examines how our upbringing makes us unique from other species.

Remember, if you have any infomation, articles or infographics you would like for us to publish, we are open for submissions. Just send an email to

9780826128584_1_1On a side-note, we only have a few copies left of Medications and Mothers’ Milk 2017. Remember, shipping for this title is free in the US. Have a nice day, everyone.


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