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Hey Everyone, we hope you are all having a lovely summer. Here are some titles available on our shop at a good discount.

Continuity of Care in Breastfeeding  $20.00

Continuity of Care in Breastfeeding: Best Practices in the Maternity Setting emphasizes quality and continuity of care, management issues, and policies and procedures that support breastfeeding in the hospital setting whether in the inpatient maternity, NICU, or ambulatory care. This book offers strategies to improve patient-centered care and showcases research that supports change. Written by two prolific authors, Karin Cadwell and Cynthia Turner-Maffei, Continuity of Care in Breastfeeding: Best Practices in the Maternity Setting focuses on the consistency of maternal child health and is an ideal resource for practicing professionals, clinical specialists, and lactation consultants.


Kiss Me! $5.00

Kiss Me! is a book written in defence of children. In response to the many so-called expert theories that advocate the use of obsessive routines and excessive discipline, Dr. Carlos González renowned paediatrician and author of My Child Won’t Eat! advocates raising children based on love, respect and freedom. González believes that children are good, selfless, generous, honest, sociable and understanding and deserve all the love we can give them. A bestseller in Spain, now published for the first time in English, Kiss me! How to raise your children with love offers a guide to ethical parenting.

Chapters include:

– Why children are the way they are
– Your child is a good person
– A few myths regarding sleep
– Rewards and punishment
– Quality time


Mother to Mother $5.00

Motherhood is an intensely personal journey that women often have difficulty sharing with one another, especially when the situation isn’t shaping up to be as blissful as they anticipated. In MOTHER TO MOTHER, Kathleen McCue surveys mothers from all walks of life on the questions that are on every new mother’s mind, including:

• What is the most important advice you received before birth?
• What was the most unexpected part of becoming a new mother?
• What one thing helps mothers most in succeeding at breastfeeding?
• What things did spouse/family/friends do that were helpful or unhelpful?
• What would you do differently the next time?
• What gadgets and books are essential, and which ones are wasteful?

Mother to Mother will make it possible for you to relax and be open to the unexpected joys and pitfalls of your unique experience of parenthood.


Health Consequences of Abuse in the Family (hardcover) $15.00

This work translates research into practice by examining the intersection of family violence and health. It looks at the healthcare needs of people who have experienced abuse and subsequently have related chronic diseases and conditions. It summarizes research and clinical cases and offers practical suggestions to the psychologists and other healthcare providers working in a variety of settings. Chapters address the implications for clinical practice as well as review relevant studies and provide additional resources. Also, the special needs of children with disabilities, elders, and women are discussed.

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