Birth Ambassadors: The Re-Emergence of Woman-Supported Childbirth in America

Birth Ambassadors documents the social history of the emergence of doula care in the United States. Doulas advocate for women and offer them unconditional emotional support for their birth choices. Birth Ambassadors explores the many dilemmas doulas face within the maternity-reform movement. Doulas are ambassadors to the world of birth, highlighting women’s emotional experiences of birth in settings where these experiences are often minimized. Birth Ambassadors highlights the critical challenges doulas and their organizations face in their quest to enter mainstream maternity care.

This book is THE definitive work on doulas in the United States… Want to know what a doula actually does for laboring mothers? Read this book! Want to know what a doula can do for you personally, if you are expecting? READ THIS BOOK! Want to know if you yourself should become a doula? READ THIS BOOK! …You will find all your answers within its beautifully written pages.

–Robbie Davis-Floyd PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Texas Austin, author of Birth as an American Rite of Passage, and co-editor of Mainstreaming Midwives
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Christine Morton

Christine Morton

Christine H. Morton, Ph.D., is a research sociologist whose research has focused on women’s reproductive experiences and maternity care roles. Since 2008, she has been at Stanford University’s California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, where she conducts research on maternal mortality and morbidity.
Christine Morton

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    Elayne G. Clift, MA, is a writer, journalist, and Humanities adjunct professor. She has worked internationally as a health communications and gender specialist, and is an educator/advocate on maternal and child health issues.A volunteer doula and Vermont Humanities Council Scholar, she has edited anthologies, and published fiction and poetry collections, a novel, and a memoir.

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