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Flash Sale: Clinical Instruction in Lactation

Hey everyone, for a limited time, we are offering the title Clinical Instruction in Lactation: Teaching the Next Generation for only $5.00. Get your copy here. ‘ The growth of the lactation consultant profession has paralleled that of other allied health professions. Because the profession is relatively new, the preparation of lactation consultants is still veryContinue Reading

Medications and Mothers’ Milk 2017

Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well. Hot off the press, we have the 2017 edition of Medications and Mothers’ Milk by Thomas W. Hale, PhD & Hilary E Rowe, PharmD. We are offering the title at $55.00. Stock is limited so get your copy here.

Perspectives in Lactation sale

Hey everyone, we just got back from our first convention of the season hosted by the Nex Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force. One of the speakers at this event was Kathy Parkes, author of Perspectives in Lactation: Is Private Practice for Me? For the occasion, we are temporarily lowering the price of the title to $10.00. Get yourContinue Reading

Breastfeeding, Social Justice, and Equity book launch

Praeclarus Press is proud to announce the launch of Breastfeeding, Social Justice, and Equity. This is the third and final volume in the Breastfeeding and Feminism series. The book is available on our site and on Marking the 10th anniversary of the Breastfeeding and Feminism International Conference, Breastfeeding, Social Justice, and Equityis the third and final volume in this series.Continue Reading

New Webinar: The Importance of Dads and Grandmas to the Breastfeeding Mother

Breastfeeding support from fathers and grandmothers can make all the difference to the confidence of a new mother. Conversely, lack of support, often manifested as off-hand remarks about lack of goodness in the milk, or that the baby “never” sleeps, or that there is not enough milk, can undermine a new mother. It is equallyContinue Reading

Free Shipping

For the rest of February we are offering free shipping on any order over $10.00. Use the code freeship and get free shipping off any purchase made for the rest of the month.

Catalog 2017

Hey everyone, we have just released our catalog for the year 2017. In the interest of going green, we are keeping it digital this year. Follow the link to view or download the pdf. Have a nice week.

New Blog-Women’s Health Daily

Praeclarus Press is proud to announce our new blog, Women’s Health Daily. The purpose of this blog is to share concise and useful information related to breastfeeding and social issues. Check it out.

New Poster: The Hues of Breastfeeding

Praeclarus Press is proud to announce the release of our new poster: The Hues of Breastfeeding. This colorful poster is 17×11 and printed on semi gloss cardstock. More details can be found here.  

New Webinar: Assessment and Treatment of Tongue-tie and Lip Tie: Cognitive Errors, Ethics and the Differential Diagnosis Process.

Important: The live event will be recorded and all registrants will be sent a link for the recording. Assessment and Treatment of Tongue-tie and Lip Tie: Cognitive Errors, Ethics and the Differential Diagnosis Process.    3-30-17 1:00pm EST Event Length: 1 hr 30 mins The subject of tongue-tie continues to be controversial, and generates polarization,Continue Reading